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Hello and welcome the sales journal for mikamuffin!

Temporary Hiatus from Selling :)

I have just finished college and started a new job so I haven't had time to reorganize this journal and list new items. You may still find me selling through direct sales posts in communities or on my Ebay.

I am still open to receiving inquiries from my wishlist!


+ Serious buyers only please!
+ Paypal Only, Prices in USD
+ You do not need to comment on each category individually to purchase an item. :) A list is fine.

+ The first person to ask about an item will get first dibs! If you do not reply after 2 days it will go to the next person in line.
+  Once a package has left my hands I am not responsible for any lost mail or damages.
+ I am open to trades for items on my wishlist and may look at other items you have (at my discretion). If I would like to trade with you I require that you provide me your feedback links before we proceed.
+ Haggling is welcome but please don't try to low ball me.
+ I'm willing to offer discounts for those purchasing a lot of items!!
+ I ship on Saturdays, earlier if time allows.


**SALES** Misc.


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Please leave feedback here :)
Positive: +4
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

Additional Feedback:



Currently in the market for :)


Character glasses

Izaya Orihara Plushie

Any Izaya Merch (except posters)

Light Novels

Final Fantasy:

Zack Fair Crisis Core Play Arts Figure

Solider Cloud Crisis Core Play Arts Figure

Vincent Valentine Advent Children Play Arts Figure

Kingdom Hearts

Roxas Play Arts Figure

Riku Play Arts Figure

Axel Cellphone Charm


English manga Vol. 1 and up

Sebastian Michaelis Sega Figure

PPP Figures

Macross Frontier

Character Books

Gackt Merchandise (Besides Magazines & Wall Calendars)